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Dental emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time. Having an emergency dentist you can count on is vital in ensuring that you get the emergency dental services you need. At North Smithfield emergency dentist service, we are pleased to offer holistic and emergency dental care in our dentist office in North Smithfield, our experienced staff provides emergency dental care for a number of issues: toothache, sharp tooth pain, tooth infection, broken or knocked teeth, and other dental emergencies. We proudly offer same-day emergency (in pain) dental appointments.

Why Having an Emergency Dentist is Important in North Smithfield, RI

One of the reasons why people go to a dentist is because of tooth pain. Any injury to the tooth and gums can cause pain and must not be ignored because it can be potentially serious.There may be nerves or blood vessels that are damaged and infected. It is important to seek treatment for any dental injury as soon as possible.

An Emergency Dentist Open 24 Hours in North Smithfield, RI (855) 919-4015

We know that when you have a dental emergency late at night, there’s no time to waste. We specialize in dental emergencies, and we are open 24/7 to be sure that we are here for YOU when you need us most. We know what you are going through right now. You are in pain and need to see a dentist nearby right away.

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